THE FORWARD PROGRESS SOUND (TFPS) is a record label imprint founded by Eddie S.G. in 2014.  TFPS was created to be a platform for creativity & expression in art form.  It's an outlet for being a better you.  TFPS is based in Queens, New York.


THE FORWARD PROGRESS SOUND is all about creating music. Here are the services provided:

Audio Engineering - recording, editing, mixing, & post-production.

Music Production - developing, composing, & creating audio tracks.

Lyrics / Songwriting - includes song structure / arrangement.

Executive Production - guiding your project from start to finish.


For more info, please email Eddie S.G. at:


The Forward Progress Sound


Ivan Hodoba's working on a new project. New music coming soon.


Eddie S.G. EP II coming soon.


Eddie S.G.'s House / EDM album Antisocial Frequency out now.


Intersection EP by Ivan Hodoba is available now.

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