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Ivan HodobaIvan Hodoba, born in Zagreb, Croatia, bought his first record when he was 9. It might have been MC Hammer's Too Legit To Quit. Since then, his record collection has grown quite large. From here is where he tries to find inspiration, from a wide variety of artists and styles, including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, R&B, House, and Techno, to name a few.


While attending Aviation University in Croatia, he became interested in electronic music production and sound, which resulted in many years of studying music programs and creating music for friends, both for fun and on a more professional level.


After graduating, he moved to New York where he studied Audio Engineering and Music Production at the Institute of Audio Research (IAR). Although he shifted his focus to sound engineering and sound modeling, he never left the idea of releasing the music he has been creating for the past 15 years. During his time at IAR, he met Eddie S.G., owner of THE FORWARD PROGRESS SOUND, and they established a partnership shortly after the label was formed.


Although Ivan’s musical style definitely has its roots in House, he explores many other forms and styles on the fly. Deep and Tech are his favorite House sub genres. With the biggest passion for the music itself, the ideas behind the sound he creates can go from your home to the dance floor, performed by a DJ, or played on the radio.


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Intersection EP - Ivan Hodoba

Synthetic Materials EP - Ivan Hodoba


The Forward Progress Sound


Eddie S.G. EP II is currently in the works. Stay tuned.

Eddie S.G.'s new House / EDM album Antisocial Frequency out now.

Intersection EP by Ivan Hodoba, available everywhere now.

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